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Still Alive

I assure you, I am still alive, and well. I am just spending any writing time on my story, and not bloggernetting.

I am twooting:

and bookfacing:

and instagramming:

As of now I’m about ~14k words out of about 22k words through the first rough draft of what will probably be a novella, so whatever I’m doing is actually working.

Simply put, any time spent not working on my story is not going to get my story written, so I am super-focused on working through that.

Playtika: Santa Monica is hiring like MAD!

Updated 5/20/2015!

Playtika Santa Monica (A.K.A. Buffalo Studios) is hiring like mad, again. We have all flavors of jobs.

If you or anyone you know of is interested in any of these jobs, please email me at tmannino (at), or message me directly on any flavor of social media. I will pass your information along!

  • Monetization Director
  • VP Monetization
  • Monetization Associate/Manager
  • Sr. PHP Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Sr. Software Engineer
  • Sr. Software Engineer – Big Data
  • Sr. Software Engineer – Frontend
  • Sr. Game Designer
  • Slots Mathematician
  • Sr. Artist
  • Sr. Game Systems Designer
  • QA Engineer
  • Software Engineering Internship

For job descriptions, head over to:

Be Brave

A lot of really bad shit happened the past few days.

I don’t need to list it all off, because you already know what happened. Everyone has already voiced their opinions and hashtags and shared information. Generally, from my perspective, it’s been very constructive, healthy and understanding. Lots of good dialogue, some understandable frustrations and tears, but most of it good.

But first, let’s jump back a few days to Friday.

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Backlogs and Quitting and Being Fried

I am retiring the “three weeks ago”  experiment on account of coming home from work today and realizing I had to edit and schedule more posts, and it felt like a chore. It’s mildly interesting but not interesting enough to be an obligation. There are so many more things I want to do with my time, so I quit! If I am going to write, I want to write more personal and creative things. I don’t really need to regurgitate three week old Internet memes. Continue reading Backlogs and Quitting and Being Fried