A little here and there…

Another long day, but I got more site stuff done! Excitement and adventure! A post long enough to test the ‘read more’ mechanic, as well!  Do that! Click the thing!

I picked a theme! I think I like it.  I’m not 100% sure, but it looks good and works well on mobile. It’ll do. Most of what’s left is just polish – customizing a few things here and there, a new header image, a few things on the Discourse forum need tweaking – but all of it simple and quick and easy and woo!

I’m going to send out some flares and invite some internetty friends to come invade the forum. I ran a forum many moons ago and it attracted a pretty cool handful of people, a few of which I am still friends with to this day. I feel like I should bring the band back together.

I also (sorta) got my prototype Unity game working on my phone. It’s surprisingly easy to publish to Android, but my ‘game’ isn’t working exactly as intended. Something seems off with the sprite sheets or something. Edit: OMG I FIXED IT. Woo! Perhaps I can post it up for you to enjoy. It’s called Click Game: A Game of Clicking.

One of the first things on my list to write up is a ‘AS3 vs. CSharp’ article, that explains the differences and similarities between the two languages. Been wanting to do that for a while!

One thing I am hung up on is creating categories for both the site and the forum. I am thinking the best thing to do for the site is to just keep them simple and mechanical: things like News, Essays, Articles, Reviews, Adventures, etc. I can get more specific with tags. I don’t want to let these decisions keep me from creating, though, so I won’t think about them too hard – perhaps I will just create them as I need them. For now, I am considering ‘News’ to be anything remotely time-relevant. Stream of consciousness of my day, updates and what’s-been-happening-s would go there.  Other things like stories or reminiscing or whatnot would need another category, to which I will invent up when it’s time.

Keep the chin up.