Backlogs and Quitting and Being Fried

I am retiring the “three weeks ago”  experiment on account of coming home from work today and realizing I had to edit and schedule more posts, and it felt like a chore. It’s mildly interesting but not interesting enough to be an obligation. There are so many more things I want to do with my time, so I quit! If I am going to write, I want to write more personal and creative things. I don’t really need to regurgitate three week old Internet memes.

I am annoyed at the plugin I am using for the Discourse forum I am also using. It doesn’t work with this theme. I decided I like this theme the most, so far, but it won’t show the automatic links made to the forum posts.

Also: nobody is using the forum. Admittedly there hasn’t been anything to use it for.  It’s fine for now, I may invite some directed discussion about game design.

I had a crazy weekend. I am stewing on doing a stream of consciousness type adventure review. Kind of a highlight reel of the different things that happened, with  few pictures here and there. Exercise in narratives and such.

I still also have a sort of similar idea with my ComicCon adventure, as well. That is even a bit more abstract – talking about my literal experiences, but also covering the abstract experience of going to ComicCon. I have a lot of it written down on paper, I just need to transfer it to digital.

I enjoyed finally getting the Divinity review out. Six thousand words, kind of awesome. There were more tweaks I wanted to make but I had to remind myself of Good Enough. I spent a lot of time on it and needed to move on.

To bring the “three weeks”  experiment back up, these ideas started getting backlogged. I also want to write up a piece on app permissions on Android phones. There is an article going around about how Facebook Messenger has insidious permissions and it can do all these malicious things. The problem is: other apps have the same or close to the same privileges as Facebook Messenger, but for whatever reason, those aren’t being villainized. It’s frustrating for me because I work with mobile stuff frequently for work and know a bit about those app privileges and simply don’t think there are malicious things going on.

Days have been long and involved. I have been coming home fairly spent and frazzled and not really sure what to reach for. It’s an odd feeling – like no music seems to satisfy, you aren’t craving anything, but you’re also not necessarily bummed or sad or anything. Just neutral. I think I just had a rollercoaster weekend into a very involved week so I am needing to recharge my batteries. I will figure out my weekend adventures with this in mind.

I have an idea for a birthday party, I just need to execute the plan.

I think I will officially declare it the actual real future when I can hand write and edit on paper with the ease of typing words. Like scribble out a word – BALETED. Move words and sentences around by selecting and dragging and such. I know it will happen in my lifetime, just hurry the hell up. I want it now.

I suppose I could write my take on Guardians of the Galaxy. I also want to see the Apes movie and Lucy because Luc Besson. Backlogged even in movies to see.

The backlogged concept is something I think I am working hard at. I come up with an idea and do about half of the work. I run out of time or steam and have to put it down, assuming I will pick it up the next day. But then stuff like late nights at work, or crazy weekends, or ComicCon happen, and keep me from finishing the thing. The longer it gets put off, the less I want to sit down and finish it – I wanna work on new, fun stuff. But maybe that little bit of discipline is what I am lacking, and in working at it, I am exercising those muscles.

I try my hardest to write every day. Type stuff, write stuff on paper, these posts. I am pretty good at it; I’d say I’d get a passing grade for sure, maybe a B, if I was getting graded on my daily progress. I am just wanting to harness some of that and turn it into something tangible and shareable.

Alright, losing my focus. Night!