Incoming ComicCon

ComicCon, writing, thinking, people watching, Oxford commas, and more.

So my automated posts seem to work, except the plug in that creates the thread automatically on the discourse forum seems borked. I looked at the support section for the plug in and it sounds like people are having similar problems. If/when it happens again tomorrow, I will copypasta the PHP error I get and make a ticket. Until then I can just republish the posts and that seems to fix it.

ComicCon is in a week. It’s always an interesting time. I say “interesting” because, for whatever reason, ComicCon is like a New Years of sorts for me. More significant then some arbitrary date on a calendar for determining the passage of time. Los Angeles doesn’t have much in the way of seasons so I take what I can get.

Speaking further of how it’s interesting, it’s just very much a part of my life – a majority of the people in my life go to it, I have lots of significant memories from the times I have gone, (not all good!) and I just love people. Friends, strangers, humans, all coming together to cram into the same place and collectively love stuff more then most people. I go to people watch, catch up on popular culture, and ultimately spend time with the same people I spend most of my time with a few hundred miles away.

I am writing a review for a game I just completely quit out of frustration. I don’t hate the game but I don’t have time for it’s sort. I’d prefer to spend the time doing other things, even including writing about the game instead of playing it. It’s mostly a great game but too many things about it rubbed me the wrong way. I will most likely be posting about it early next week.

I am starting to collect a neat little backlog of writing ideas and posts that I want to type up. I have to balance my time between creative writing and improving the site: there’s still a lot of default graphics and settings that need to be customized.

I don’t think I like the theme I have chosen for the site. I think there’s not enough distinction between the content and the special features, like the sharing mechanics and related posts and whatnot. There also seems to be an excessive amount of white space all over the place. I supposed one of the main benefits of using WordPress is the ability to swap out themes with no effort, so I can play with that stuff later. TL;DR: the theme is Good Enough.

My mindset for this is shifting into the more appropiate hobby-type mindset. I.e. writing reviews of media I consume, restaraunts I eat at, experiences I have. I very often think about all the unique and crazy things I have done in my life and the awesome stories behind them. I simultaneously want to retell those stories and also capture the new experiences. Even thinking about ComicCon, part of me wishes I kept a more tangible journal of each years experiences – good and bad – to be able to recall and have a frame of reference. Now, I would need to seriously jog my memory to try to piece together what happened.

I write a lot. And often. At least what I consider a lot and often! Every night, at least a page or two of paper, usually three or four pages. Nonfiction, fiction, brainstorming, planning, solving problems. Talking to myself, answering questions I ask myself. But none of it is for anyone but myself. It’s very healthy and very much a healing and meditative experience. I am hoping to shift even a fraction of that time spent to writing stuff I will share with the world, because it does nothing if nobody sees it.

I have been thinking a lot about the concept of being an authority: what kinds of things could I consider myself an authority of? What could I write up that would be easy or effortless for me, but would be something that could be inspirational or motivation or helpful to others. Referential or even educational?

One thing that stands out is programming – I’ve been programming in some form or another for more then half my life at this point and surely I have some acquired knowledge and experiences worth relaying. One of the things on my list of stuff to write about is to explore the very very abstract, top level concepts of programming: elements shared in all languages. Explain the metaphors and the logic behind them. I know several people in various stages of learning how to program and perhaps it could help them in some way.

There’s the additional benefit of just putting stuff up that search engines will find and be able to be helpful to strangers!