Manzi Gear

I made Manzi a game in Unity about her kitty for her birthday: Manzi Gear – the story of the tactical espionage master, Butter Cat. He gets an assignment from Otatom: a delicious piece of butter is being held in the heavily guarded compound of “Parent’s Heaven,” and he is tasked with retrieving it.


Playthrough video here:

Android DL link:

PC DL link:

Victory Screen Artwork by Ali Vee:
Tumblr: @artofalivee

Music by Maclaine Diemer:
[Except for Wu Tang: Uzi (Pinky Ring), used without permission!]

Photoshoppery by Adam Ling:

Manzi by Manzi:

My opinions are my own and not those of my employer. This is a work of parody. Mannino Entertainment is not responsible for any melted phones or PC as a result of playing.