More Lil’Baby Steps

Today, I added a contact page to the site. It’s am easy way to send me a line. I may add my social media info there, just because. I am trying to spend a little time each day configuring and upgrading parts of things here and there. Even stuff behind the scenes, like Google analytics tracking and stuff. The base stuff is complete.

I have this concept in mind for the actual content I create where I make an additional page that I keep track of all the stuff I write/review/create, as opposed of just expecting people to investigate or click on tags or whatever. I just have to figure out how I want to showcase that stuff.

One of the directions I want to go in is to illustrate parts of my About page with stories or anecdotes or posts that elaborate on certain aspects of those things. Kind of a way to point out the cool and strange stuff I have done experienced, autobiographical or otherwise. I struggle with not wanting to be Braggs or pretentious or those type of things, but I suppose I always will.

The whole point of this is to create an foster a venue to express myself: Give opinions, share ideas, create tutorials, write articles, interview people, make art, tell stories, and whatever else I can do to make a mark.

I didn’t post yesterday because I was raging so hard at a late night game night at work. I “ran” a game of Hex Hex for some coworkers, played a few rounds of Injustice, and then settled into a long game of Agricola. Agricola is a ridiculous game about farming with lots of little wooden tokens and meeples and stuff.

P. S.  I am posting this from my phone because we live in the future.  I’m using the native Web version as well, not the app. The app actually barely has any of the features of the Web version. Also I am using swipe and it feels like cheating.

Edit: P. P. S. The tweet-link-to-post-when-you-make-new-post work, too. (Oops!)