Pap’n Butter

I made Manzi a(nother) game in Unity about her kitty for her birthday: Pap’n Butter – a shooting-gallery type game, this time in ~VIRTUAL REALITY~! Related posts: Manzi Gear

Manzi Gear

I made Manzi a game in Unity about her kitty for her birthday: Manzi Gear – the story of the tactical espionage master, Butter Cat. He gets an assignment from …

Eighteen Years of Fallout

When you can’t play a game you’re excited about, you write about it, instead. Driving to Target before work on the day the latest installment of the Fallout had me …

Sensatron 5000

I got to work on a really cool project that combined a bunch of things I like and am good at: rolling my face across a keyboard, dressing up like …

[Review] Black Mirror

Black Mirror is amazing and you should watch it. This is what I thought about each episode: Related posts: [Review] Divinity: Original Sin

Still Alive

I assure you, I am still alive, and well. I am just spending any writing time on my story, and not bloggernetting. I am twooting: and bookfacing: and instagramming: …

Agile and Focus

Similar to my need to Be Brave,  I need to Focus. Related posts: Good Enough Incoming ComicCon Still Alive, and Talking About Priorities