Three Weeks Ago, on June 30th, 2014:

…from my perspective, this happened on the internet: (What is this?)

Supreme Court rules in favor of Hobby Lobby.


 (Photo: Nicholas Eckhart/Flickr – Attribution 2.0 Generic – unaltered)

This was a big deal on my Internets, to say the least, especially from the female contingent. Lots of links flying around, lots of angry people. A very real reminder of how liberal and female my Internet is.

Lots of pointing out that Hobby Lobby invested in abortion/contraception products.

Clarification that it only affects four kinds of birth control – based on the belief that “Life begins at conception.”

Most likely due to me living in California and having lots of liberal, female friends, my peer group had very little of the ‘opposing’ arguments, especially non-religious debate.  I.e. how government should not force anyone to do anything.

Here’s the ruling document, itself.