What Is “Three Weeks Ago?”

“Three Weeks Ago” is an experiment with perspective.

It’s important to be reminded that everyone’s perspective of the world is unique. This can be attributed to many factors: Your life patterns, your job, who you interact with. The Internet plays a big part, as well: social networks, news sites, texting/chatting/messaging friends.

In this day and age of faster-then-instant relay of information, I have a psuedo-scientific opinion:

The ‘modern window of perspective’ of your average, internet-fed person is about one week in the future and two weeks in the past.


That is to say, things outside of that window affect us less and less the farther away from that window we get.

Each day, (time and effort pending,) I will make note of whatever bits of information and news were prevalent, from my perspective. Then, three weeks from the date, I will dredge it back up and re-share it with the world.

Take a peek at the information and see how it makes you feel! Check out the tag here for the latest posts.

Let me know what you think, here.